Speech-Language Therapy

We provide a friendly, motivating environment that propels children to effectively understand language and be independent and successful communicators in society. Talk Time enjoys working with families and children to help design and implement suitable communicative strategies. Each case deserves individual care to create a program that best fits the specialized needs of that child.

Parents should seek out a speech language pathologist if they have any concerns regarding their child’s ability to listen, understand, communicate and play with others. Click here for a list of warning signs or red flags for a speech and language delay.

When parents are aware their child is not communicating as clearly or effectively than other children the same age, they are often told by others “don’t worry, he or she will be fine”. Click here to understand why you should not postpone speech and language intervention.


What Is Speech-Language Pathology?

Speech-Language Pathology professionals (Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), or informally speech therapists) specialize in communication disorders. read more



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5 days ago

Talk Time, Speech Language Therapy

Learn how to PLAY with BOOKS to encourage your child to talk. Here are some useful tips!Sometimes reading the book is not as important as "reading" your child's cues. If they aren't interested in what you are talking about - change it up! 🙂
Playing with books is one of my favorite ways to engage a little one and help them talk!

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6 days ago

Talk Time, Speech Language Therapy

EARLY INTERVENTION is key.I see this ALL THE TIME in mom groups! While these comments are well meaning, they can actually have some really negative outcomes for a family. I always say, "yes it's true that 60-70% of kids will catch up on their own, but if a child had a 30-40% chance of having cancer, would you recommend that a parent wait it out? HECK NO!" Early Intervention is key for many kids, and will only help a child- there are no negatives to seeking help and intervention does NOT mean something is "wrong" with a child. It's also important for those whose kids are "just fine without intervention" (and doctors!) to know that there are SO MANY parents who wish they had sought intervention sooner. Parents, if you could go back in time, would you have gotten intervention sooner? ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Talk Time, Speech Language Therapy

Great TIPS for parents to facilitate language with their children.When you have a little one, you may hear the advice to "narrate your day" to help them learn to talk. This basically means talk out loud... a lot. The more words your child hears, the better. Makes sense.

Here's the next step (or two): problem solve out loud. Ask questions or start with "I wonder..." to invite your little one to participate in conversations. They may not yet have all the words but they can point, they can gesture, they can attempt to help you. At least they are actively participating and not just passively listening to your narration.

You may need to start the sentence but leave out the key word for them to complete "Oh, yes, you need a...(spoon)!" You may need to offer choices so they remember which word to use. "Do you need a fork or a spoon?" You may need to do nothing more than stop talking so that they have a chance to help you! 🙂

Once they understand language, they may need more opportunities to practice it. Engage them, invite them. You may be surprised.

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