Speech-Language Therapy

We provide a friendly, motivating environment that propels children to effectively understand language and be independent and successful communicators in society. Talk Time enjoys working with families and children to help design and implement suitable communicative strategies. Each case deserves individual care to create a program that best fits the specialized needs of that child.

Parents should seek out a speech language pathologist if they have any concerns regarding their child’s ability to listen, understand, communicate and play with others. Click here for a list of warning signs or red flags for a speech and language delay.

When parents are aware their child is not communicating as clearly or effectively than other children the same age, they are often told by others “don’t worry, he or she will be fine”. Click here to understand why you should not postpone speech and language intervention.


What Is Speech-Language Pathology?

Speech-Language Pathology professionals (Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), or informally speech therapists) specialize in communication disorders. read more



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10 hours ago

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Fun activity to help your children have overall stronger mouth movements, and work on increasing breath support, too!

🔊Ćwiczenia oddechowe🕪
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5 days ago

Talk Time, Speech Language Therapy

YES!!! 🙌 Ways to model language to help your children learn language. Please read👇"How can I help my child talk?"
Many parents think they are supporting language development when they test kids' vocabulary knowledge by asking "What is this?", when in fact this may have a negative impact. Children get tired of these quizzes (just as you would if someone did this to you!)- particularly when it's a question they have answered many times before- and will often shut down and not want to talk. It also limits their speech to just nouns and labeling- which is not a good thing because there is SO much more to language! Here are some examples for what you could say instead - when you see trucks!
For more ideas of how you can model language, check out my routine series at www.mrsspeechiep.com/morning-routine
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