Speech-Language Therapy

We provide a friendly, motivating environment that propels children to effectively understand language and be independent and successful communicators in society. Talk Time enjoys working with families and children to help design and implement suitable communicative strategies. Each case deserves individual care to create a program that best fits the specialized needs of that child.

Parents should seek out a speech language pathologist if they have any concerns regarding their child’s ability to listen, understand, communicate and play with others. Click here for a list of warning signs or red flags for a speech and language delay.

When parents are aware their child is not communicating as clearly or effectively than other children the same age, they are often told by others “don’t worry, he or she will be fine”. Click here to understand why you should not postpone speech and language intervention.


What Is Speech-Language Pathology?

Speech-Language Pathology professionals (Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), or informally speech therapists) specialize in communication disorders. read more



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2 days ago

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WHEN to introduce an open cup to a baby & WHY.Did you know that the first type of cup that should be introduced to baby is an open cup? You can use it to introduce water to your baby around the same time as they start solids - around 6 months of age. They don’t need a lot! Around 1-2 oz/day at 6 months of age is enough, but having some to wash down food, prevent constipation and learning the skill of drinking from an open cup early on is important!⠀
Here’s why we want to start with an open cup right from the beginning:⠀
✔️ Practice transitioning off a bottle 🍼 and onto a cup starts NOW. It’s recommended to start transitioning off a bottle at 11-12 months, and it’s not always the easiest transition when your baby isn’t familiar with open cup drinking at all.⠀
✔️ Supports healthy cheek, tongue, jaw, lip and swallowing development⠀
✔️Drinking from a hard spout sippy cup instead can delay oral motor skill development (hello speech development!) and promote improper placement of the tongue when drinking⠀
✔️ It promotes drinking at scheduled meal and snack time ⠀
What to look for in an open cup for babies:⠀
✔️Soft rim ⠀
✔️Small size for little hands!⠀
...and that’s really it! I would recommend the @ezpzfun tiny cup that meets this criteria and more, but really, just pop the top off any small sippy cup and begin offering sips for practice!⠀
What questions do you have around open cup drinking for babies? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll answer this week! ⬇️
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2 weeks ago

Talk Time, Speech Language Therapy


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