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Language and Social Skills Therapy

Speech, Language,
& Social Skills


Our dedicated and experienced team works with children from birth to early adolescence who are experiencing

challenges with communication. Whether your child is needing support during the early language years or is ready for direct intervention for a speech sound disorder, we work with your child and family to support the development of functional communication skills in a warm and welcoming environment. 

We work with children with different abilities, needs, and diagnoses including, but not limited to, those listed below. We believe in treating the child, not the disorder, so our therapy is always tailored to the unique needs of your child.

Late Talkers & Early Intervention  •  Articulation Disorders  •  Phonological Delays & Disorders
Childhood Apraxia of Speech  •   Expressive Language Delays & Disorders
Executive Functioning Deficits  •  Processing Delays  •  Social & Play Skills
Autism Spectrum Disorder  •  Developmental Delays and Disorders  •  Neurogenetic Disorders


Prior to beginning therapy, we will meet for an evaluation session where we will get to know your child, their strengths, abilities, and preferences. During the evaluation, we will learn about your concerns and your child's developmental history, observe your child, perform standardized testing, and directly interact with your child. The evaluation process allows us to develop an understanding of the underlying causes of the challenges your child is experiencing so we can directly address these issues.

Following the evaluation, your therapist will share the results and recommendations with your family. When therapy is recommended, we will collaborate with you (and any other professional on your child's team) to create a personalized treatment program.  

Evaluation sessions vary in length based on your child's attention and needs. You will be provided with results at the end of the session.

Our Therapy Approach

At Talk Time, we personalize each session to your child's needs, interests, and goals. Every session will combine evidence-based approaches with fun and interactive activities to build your child's skills. Our team is very skilled at making sure your child is engaged and loving therapy! 

We always dedicate time for parent education to ensure you have the tools to help you continue to make progress at home. We understand therapy is so much more than the visit to our clinic; it's about open lines of communication and incorporating the family and other professionals on the team in the process.

Our pediatric speech therapists are dedicated to treating the whole child using evidence-based approaches that will deliver results. 

Speech Sound Disorders

Speech sound disorders impact a child's overall speech clarity and ability to effectively communicate. A child experiencing challenges related to speech may have difficulty accurately producing certain sounds or sound combinations, substitute sounds or leave them out in connected speech, have difficulty with motor planning for speech, and/or feel frustrated when they are not understood.  

Language Delays & Disorders

​Language disorders impact a child’s ability to build vocabulary, comprehend information when listening to others, formulate sentences, and express and organize thoughts. Language disorders may also affect a child’s ability to read, write and/or spell, and may appear when a child struggles to understand emotions, facial expressions, and/or interact appropriately with others.

Social & Play Skills Delays

A child experiencing challenges related to play or social skills may demonstrate difficulty with engaging in shared experiences, initiating interactions with adults or peers, understanding emotions and non-verbal language, and/or repetitive and restrictive play. Therapy will help expand your child's ability to interact with others, express their wants and needs, and engage with the world around them. 

Is your child experiencing communication challenges?

We can help! Our personalized therapy will focus on your child's specific communication and social skills goals.

Improve overall speech clarity
Combine sounds into syllables & words
Produce age-appropriate sounds
Improve listening skills & language processing
Building vocabulary
Combine words into phrases & sentences
Following directions
Develop pre-literacy skills 
Ask & answer questions
Use correct word order, grammar, & pronouns
Engage in reciprocal interactions
Expanding play skills

Services are offered in-person in Morristown, NJ, and online for families anywhere in NJ!

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