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Pediatric Speech Therapy
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Taking a Collaborative, Whole-Child Approach

to Pediatric Speech, Language, Social Skills, & Feeding Therapy

Pediatric Speech-Language Therapy



At Talk Time Speech Language Therapy we understand how difficult it is for both you and your child when they are misunderstood, lack confidence in their communication, or feel frustrated and discouraged when communicating. We also understand the worry parents experience when their child has feeding and/or swallowing challenges.  


That is why we work with you to empower your child with the skills to effectively communicate or eat. Our personalized, hands-on, and child-centered approach allows your child to make progress while having fun!

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Our Approach

We take a whole-child approach to understand your child’s personality, sensory needs, energy levels, interests, learning style, developmental history, and your family needs and goals, so we can deliver effective therapy that addresses the whole child.

Why Us

We believe in a truly collaborative approach to therapy, working alongside parents, teachers, and other professionals. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure every family feels heard, has their questions answered, and has been offered our best recommendations to help their child grow.

Our Specialties

Early Intervention

Late Talkers

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Speech Delays & Disorders

Social & Play Skills

Language Disorders

Feeding Delays & Disorders


We are a group of pediatric speech-language pathologists specializing in communication and feeding. We evaluate and treat children of all ages with a variety of diagnoses, abilities, and needs with a commitment to collaboration, evidence-based therapy, and always going the extra mile for our patients and their families. Owner and speech-language pathologist, Erica Lester’s passion for helping others coupled with her enthusiasm for working with young children serves as the foundation of Talk Time’s core values and standards. Erica and her team's approach to therapy is a delightful experience for children and their parents. 

Talk Time Speech Language Therapists
Social Skills Therapy

"There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks all of them."


"We saw our daughter's language develop quickly through her sessions"

“We had a wonderful experience with Erica. She listened to all of our concerns and even sent us materials long before we could meet in person. We saw our daughter's language develop quickly through her sessions with Erica and couldn't be happier that we chose to have her evaluated at a young age. Erica worked so well with her, was encouraging, and made her comfortable every time we had a session.”

~ N.C., Parent


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